Rockwood Homes is a bespoke home construction and renovation company that collaborates with discerning clients to deliver unique and exceptional results that will go above and beyond all your expectations.

Rockwood specialise in designing, crafting and constructing distinctive, stylish, stand-out luxury residential developments using only the finest quality materials and with every detail finished flawlessly.

Our first-rate, intelligent and intuitive designers, elite architects, accomplished and experienced craftsman, and highly skilled and experienced construction team work side by side with our clients at every stage of the project, from inception to completion. We have the knowledge and skill to capture and incorporate their ideas and interpret their vision – blending the most creative concepts with contemporary functionality – to produce original, prestigious proprieties of ultimate perfection and unprecedented quality.

Rockwood have an unrivalled network of expertise, a determined commitment to excellence in all they do, and pay meticulous attention to every detail along the way to consistently produce outstanding results.

Whether you are contemplating a new build, thinking about developing your current residence, or looking for a renovated property… if you have aspirations to turn your dream home into reality then you have come to the right place.

Bringing together leading-edge design with a smooth, chic and sophisticated style our contemporary properties fulfil the most modern of tastes. These homes feature stunning state-of-the-art furnishings and built-ins with clean lines and sleek surfaces. Hard edges are paired with subtle, softer silhouettes and bold accents. This is the perfect choice for those seeking an edgy, in-vogue style, following the most current designs and modernistic decorating trends.


Our transitional design is the signature of the Rockwood styles. These distinctive and desirable properties bring together the perfect combination of current intelligent design with a traditional look and feel. They have an elegant, exquisite, enduring style that is both classic and comfortable. Through simple, clean lines, neutral color schemes, and clever use of light and warmth, our transitional style seamlessly blends the best of both the traditional and ultra modern worlds.

Quintessential old-world elegance is beautifully updated and refined to perfection in Rockwood’s traditional style. These timeless superior properties feature distinguished architecture, fine craftsmanship, built-in cabinets and opulent furnishings They are decorated with rich ornate tapestries, warm wood and eye-catching window dressings. Rockwood’s magnificent traditional homes merge old and and new design elements seamlessly and effortlessly.

With our bespoke properties we aim to build a unique product which reflects our passion for perfection. We combine the very best in architecture with high specification interiors to deliver homes of unrivalled luxury. Our masterful and talented design team create a magic mix of innovation and imagination, integrating the latest technology and software to provide the very best of bespoke solutions to meet the exact specifications of each individual client.

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